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Indoor Signage
More and more we see signage morphing into the realms of industrial design, interior design, shop fitting and mood creation. Materials cross over frequently as do the skills sets in fabricating, installing and lighting therefore we often expand our repertoire to include the creation of point of sale structures and lightweight bulkheads and quite frequently decor objects and even the forecourt furniture for petrol stations.


Outdoor Signage
Milliken Industries SA owns the SADEC rights to a patented international sign making system that systemizes and simplifies the manufacturing of large outdoor signs that use PVC substrates. The system is considered to be the best of its breed worldwide and it benefits our customers by streamlining labour costs and by improving performance and through hugely improved perceived quality.


We print onto all popular substrates including wallpapers.



Perspex Fabrication
We have equipped our factory with massive ovens, CNC machinery, bending machines and vacuum forming equipment so that we can take on any type of Perspex work whether it be channel letters, 3D moulded objects, shop displays and even cladding.


Another aspect of Milliken’s business is the cladding of buildings using inert sheet materials such as aluminium, fibre cement and Perspex. We have developed and patented a set of structural and aesthetic aluminium extrusions which dramatically reduce installation complexity and time on site. Using this system we create the external façades for fast food outlets and we create retail fascias and bulkheads.