Signage Manufacturer
Milliken Industries - Signage design and manufacture for Zoom shoes, Awaiz Energy, Seeff Properties, Mellins i-style
About Us

Milliken was founded in 1999. Our offices and our 2000m2 manufacturing plant are situated in the industrial suburb of Stikland in Cape Town South Africa. We work all over South Africa and in other African countries.

Our competitive edge is sharpened by innovation and the quality of our designs and our ability to react quickly to customer requests. We put a lot of science into our products to make our customers more competitive.

We are optimized as a medium-sized signage company yet we have the equipment and the knowhow of much larger companies so we punch well above our weight. We manufacture every form of signage from intricate boutique-type internal signage elements to massive outdoor hoardings and larger than life channel letters.

Our most valuable asset is a melting pot of talented creative and engineering people who are passionate about customer brands and who all share in a common can-do attitude. Quite often before we meet our customer we collaborate with their branding agency on the design of signage products that will bring out the essence of the brand.

We bring to the table an up-to-date knowledge of the latest signage materials and processes and we are well-placed to make recommendations that often extend the creative. We can do more than what people think is possible.

Another facet of our business is the strategic planning and execution of national signage roll-out programmes where we manufacture, distribute, warehouse and install signage following a previously agreed upon timetable. Customers know in advance what each venue will look like and when the venue will be re-imaged. We are a full service signage company.